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now. they're back russian humanitarian trucks returned home after bringing much needed supplies to eastern ukraine party four of the convoy on its perilous mission which was dubbed an invasion by kiev. you can see this black smoke over there shelling never stops in the city. the jury devas over whether murder charges should be pressed against a police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager while demonstrators in ferguson missouri marked two weeks since michael brown's day plus. a lot of work to the human. can see in the. hundreds of e.u. citizens are volunteering to join the ranks of militants fighting in syria and iraq
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we report on the growing number of jihadi sympathizers in your. they're coming to you live from moscow you with r.t. international. now russian humanitarian trucks have come back from their aid mission into eastern ukraine they've brought tons of vital supplies to the people in war torn the ganske riff and followed the aid convoy on its dangerous trip. it finally happens after being stuck at the border for ten days russian trucks with relief aid for eastern ukraine start their life saving journey we took off from russia's border city of donetsk it's right here just sixty kilometers from the ganske our final destination but the main road is very dangerous the rocky period.
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clashes there right now and this is why we take and turn to for a little bit to the know and this is why i will have to drive at least one hundred kilometers and still it's not completely safe the road twists through picturesque pastures the inch of the coast snaking through the horizon looks so peaceful but we are in the zone of a large scale military operation there are checkpoints at every crossroad com demand and miter the co's hide in the forest or know everything there and to government forces their control in this part of ukraine and they have provided security for the humanitarian convoy. that is now heading towards the gonski we do a we suddenly stop and reconnaissance groups and before us reports danger had let me get that all detainees are not there not at all some ideas are part of a problem or you are simply. not always using it was no one knew anything about them and. two hours later we continue but we changed the deal again
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for security reasons the road we had to take is a wild path this is why we are now moving very very slowly in the villages we pass through some of the few residents left to the site of the cars. we are entering the gonski now after more than four. hours driving you can see this black smoke over there shelling never stops in the city for security reasons again the convoy divides and the trucks and to different roads we follow one of the groups the relief caravan is welcomed by locals who have become thursday hungry and desperate during the days of hardship whatever other people could have all their children a few of. their money to work well let me tell you love monetized need to more unicorn additional panetta. but then i don't know which can be
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a problem for your kid or you do you can call in for what i meant entirely and look for you if you will. keep watch out for new york or us which could get good at the church could awkward to carryout we do michael scored a point to cut the cord finally the convoy arrives at one of the city's warehouses willing to use it here to help with unloading. the aid will first go to socially vulnerable groups and those who have been affected the most by the ongoing crisis in lugansk but also in neighboring towns and villages a lot awaited humanitarian aid from russia has finally now here in. times like food medicine and other goods that are surely needed to tame the city that has been living under a very intense shelling for many months and recently without electricity or word to the people of this war torn region have been waiting for this convoy for many days within the next hours they will start receiving the first help. review notion our
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team lugansk ukraine. while the city of ganske is surrounded and constantly under attack by kiev's forces activists say that hundreds of civilians have died just a warning graphic images are ahead residents say greece and things like this is becoming a part of everyday life five hundred thousand people used to live in the ganske but more than half of them have fled according to local authorities emersed residential buildings and houses have been destroyed and hardly any place in the city is say. or moscow were pressed ahead with this delivery saying that the humanitarian situation in eastern ukraine is dire but the u.s. says the humanitarian convoys journey is a fragrant violation of ukraine's sovereignty and threatened consequences for russia a white house security official russia sent repainted military trucks and. ukraine
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but didn't give any proof and they also said most of the vehicles weren't inspected properly even though foreign journalists and the red cross were allowed to check out the cargo what the statement doesn't mention however is the humanitarian disaster in the gants people there have been without basic supplies for nearly three weeks now. chris. chris little little alice the typically. if i feel lucky to feel a little too close to do you would. want to see someone is critical while the number of ukrainians fleeing violence in the east of the nation is constantly increasing one thousand people leave the combat zone every day the u.n. says according to the organizations refugee agency over seven hundred thousand
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people fled from ukraine to russia this year alone the conflict has also left more than one hundred ten thousand people internally displaced the u.n. chief of humanitarian affairs says it's crucial not to politicize the dicey situation many civilians in the east of ukraine i read. i think that there are political issues which need to be addressed between ukraine and the russian federation what i think is important in terms of the humanitarian aspects of this is that those aspects are not politicized the one of the important things about humanitarian work is that it's independent it's neutral it's about bringing aid to people desperate need i regret that this whole issue of the convoy became highly politicized and i hope that that does not happen again. german
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chancellor angela merkel has offered ukraine five hundred million euros to rebuild eastern ukraine as donbass region the money will be allocated to a special fund set to be created in september the german leader discussed the situation in eastern ukraine with the nation's president during her working visit to kiev artie's poor asli has more on what were said. many good words have been said and often these are the words of people here inhofe ruined dinette square i am want to hear but experience has shown him to be a little bit suspicious of what leaders are saying on the one hand the german chancellor angela merkel said that she does support a cease fire she also said that the interests of russian speaking citizens in ukraine needs to be addressed she also said she supports the idea of eight decentralization of power the ukrainian president petro poroshenko said that he was setting up a fund to the tune of some five hundred million euros that was being provided for by germany now he has been asking for money to help rebuild donbass with
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essentially the ukrainian army has been active both leaders did say that they understood that a purely military solution was impossible merkel did however slip some one sided remarks she expressed unquestioning support for the kiev government she also said that they couldn't be a peace process for as long as weapons were coming across the border from russia into ukraine now this is a claim that has been made by several western leaders but none of them have been able to back up these claims with any kind of proof or evidence the german chancellor also saying that all previous cease fires had been unilateral and broken by antigovernment fighters now this is not something that people on the ground have been telling us so many people here in the new guns going to next region say that all previous truce has happened while simultaneously you had the ukrainian military continuing with its shelling and its operations believe them a former state secretary to the german minister of defense says angela merkel's
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call for a cease fire gives him hope that the chancellor is saying his citizens position on the ukrainian conflict. people here in germany are fed up with nato allies and they are fed up with was organized was the united states here and there and everywhere in defiance saying it is totally necessary to provide president poroshenko with a window all of lety we are not interested in having the ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the ukraine if you should do the utmost to find a peaceful solution and therefore i think most people here in glee tools ila marks . that weapons should be silent in zero clane. on our website right now on t. dot com we are following the fates of russian photographer stan in who dissipate in ukraine nineteen days ago he's worked for the media outlets like a.p.
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and reuters in various hotspots around the world calls for his release a globally supported by a free andrew campaign on social networks. now a grand jury is considering whether charges should be pressed against the u.s. police officers suspected of killing an unarmed black teenager meanwhile demonstrators in ferguson missouri two weeks since michael brown's death supporters of the police said in a separate rather unique by simply that the shooting was justified. has got the details. and frustration over the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown has not gone away this community is still demanding justice and accountability for brown's death darren wilson the white police officer who shot brown six times remains on paid leave now meanwhile his st louis grand jury has begun weighing avenues to determining it. should be charged with killing the eighteen year old the
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decision is expected in october but the makeup of the jury may ignite a new wave of backlash nine white people and only three black people were chosen as jurors the odd even representation may ignite a new feeling of injustice causing the public to accuse the process of being biased now on issues of transparency surrounding the shooting the ferguson police has disclosed as little information as possible the fischel police incident report obtained by the a.c.l.u. is only two pages long and does not include a description of the shooting the shooting scenes or quotes from eyewitnesses names of the officers involved or any other piece of information normally found on such documents a spokesperson for the county police says the incident report includes the. information they are required to share by law now michael brown's funeral is scheduled to take place on monday but over the weekend many events vigils and
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demonstrations are planned to take place with tempers still high it's not clear how quiet or violent things may get arena portnoy out r.t. for the thousands in new york also protested against police brutality the demonstrators called for justice from this matic man who died when officers wrestled him to the ground and held him in a stranglehold the protesters also express their solidarity with activists in ferguson the rallies are being met by officers in combat gear and armored vehicles to gas rubber bullets and even wooden pallets have been fired on the angry crowd meanwhile u.s. president barack obama ordered a review of military equipment used by local police and the war activists in iraq but for michael prysner police the police exercise a shoot to kill policy because they think they can get away with it. the reason that they can do this is because they know there's absolutely zero accountability police have
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a free pass to do whatever they want and you know that they're going to get away with it and know that they're never going to be held accountable and the facts and racism and white supremacy of course plays so much into that because that's why these white officers can kill black people on a massive massive scale and are never punished for and as soon as the incident happens the entire system rallies around the defense of the police officer and demonizes the victim that's what we saw with the michael brown days and the reason that there is such militarization of the police and such heavy handed tactics that we've seen used in ferguson the whole reason the national guard has drawn out is because those protests were an expression of real deep issues in american society it seems very scary to people to see all of the equipment that the police had but the fact that they need that equipment shows that they're scared. and here is one more reason why the public is that rage with police. in ferguson has been suspended . protesters on facebook saying that and i quote i should have been put down like
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a rabid dog another policeman was also relieved of his video in which he made rice's for marks for more on these stories to have told its website it's called. and we have got more news coming your way including how more and more french citizens are joining the ranks of jihadists in iraq. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria and we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian opposition who will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists.
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we think of the way we think of their. beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. why he has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. to our way. well i did dearly search to get all wilderness. again now at least thirty five people have been killed in
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a string of bombings across iraq a day off to a deadly attack on a sunni mosque scores died when three explosions rocked the center of coca located in oil rich northern iraq to blast targeted security forces while the third went off at a market entrance early another attack was carried out in baghdad a suicide bomber drove his car into an entrance to intelligence offices killing an eleven yourselves come as the government launched a probe into friday's massacre when gunmen shot dead at least sixty eight were. there's a sunni mosque it's still unclear whether the attackers wish a militia men or fighters from these law makes states or formerly known as isis the jihadist group is sweeping the north of iraq in syria thirty fighters are trying to hold back beyond slaughter of the jihadists in iraq by backed by u.s. aircraft which occurring at strikes on militant positions washington is considering expanding the strikes to syria as well meanwhile france's foreign minister has called for the flow of the militant groups financial supplies to be stemmed his
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appeal comes at a time when support for jihadists inside france though is growing as party boy explains according to a new poll fifteen percent of french people say they think positively of the a ceramic state for eighteen to twenty four year olds that figure is even higher while their government sends weapons to help the fight against to have a stick stream as m. in iraq and is rallying world powers to help stamp out caliphate ideology it's estimated that around seven hundred french nationals have gone to become jihad to tourists in iraq and syria and that's raising concerns over what's in store when they come home who could she knew in september eleventh two thousand warm looked a few good books. could be troublesome that you had only nineteen. groups of people in the region that know you have at keast off for. people coming from
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western europe. including sure you have. all these people from birth. to could create what i read in the rubble in may a french algerian jihadist armed with a kalashnikov shot dead four people in brussels jewish museum he'd recently returned from fighting alongside jihadists in syria these are generally young fighters they're young people they're radicalized through two ways. simultaneously either they meet somebody through an internet shot form or on the internet who is a radical first or they meet them in person first as a result of travel to some of these countries but there's also a third way and that's through france's prison system muslims are thought to account for the whole of the country's prison population many inmates come from communities blighted by poverty and unemployment and they can be easy prey for jihadists recruited which means that an increasing number of young men coming in
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here as petty criminals drug dealers and faves but at coming out as islamic fundamentalists around a fifth of the french jehad us fighting in syria and iraq or islamic converts. and then just. in the us is in paris people struggling to get their heads around the phenomenon thinking we do have a problem with extremism but it's a broader problem about france and integration and it's it's. it's not just a problem of. a religious problem it's also. is a so what is france and i think we're well she was struggling to find our identity we are friction. of this tool do going there are to choose to fight it's more like
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you like concrete crusade to cruise something very like a moral kind of but to be have to show this is worrying owen asleep some analysts now say that the french government has to tread carefully over the situation in iraq to avoid angering radicalized muslims at home i think that they could become very angry thing that the government is very careful if they do something besides sending food or water or some. look old. the french government's already force islamist militants in mali and now their affairs that the rise of the islam mixtape in iraq could be inspiring and new generation of would be jihadists in this the european country but the largest muslim population probably boyko r t paris or the jihadist militants apparently have a fair number of sympathizers across the english channel as well according to reports
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around five hundred u.k. citizens are now fighting alongside the islamic state group in syria and iraq war some say the number is actually three times as high a journalist jonathan steele who's written extensively on the middle east says that the british government is hesitant to take action against the. one of the crucial theories is that the british government drones are people who are provided in syria or in one sense on the same side because there is a truce to the assert government and the new form search it recently appointed mr hammond said that there was no way that britain would tolerate it would work with. the british government is on the same circuit as so of the people who go out to fight in syria against us so obviously you know the british government is not supporting or beheading of people and you know some of the atrocities that didn't commit it but they are in the broader political sense on the same side that's also one reason it has written to to prosecute these people or to. no
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position you know to assume that it's automatically seeing. it as they know the plans of the islamic militants extend far beyond the front is of the middle east in the knees in place have been put on alert at the world's largest buddhist temple after a threat made by isis supporters because all the details for you at our website also there thirty four sailors have been dismissed after a seven year long fraud scandal at the u.s. navy's nuclear power training stock you can find out why at r.t. dot com. thousands of protesters have formed a human chain across the german polish border they are calling for plans to create a new open pit coal mine in the region to be scrapped not only will the mine require destroying numerous villages on both sides of the border but activists warn it could lead to an ecological disaster your car one of the organizers of the private shed his concerts this is
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a form of electricity generation which is very environmentally damaging it's the pearling off coal is still sterilizing the climate which is causing a lot of human suffering burning of coal it's also placing the air which mercury in particles into. most importantly mining is destroying entire villages forests and a lot of flows and in germany we are moving towards a little bit system based on clean renewable energies and this is entirely possible entire regions are already using one hundred percent renewable energies let's have a quick look at some international news in brief now after ten days of clashes islamists claimed to have taken total control of tripoli international airport in libya during the raid at least ten people have been killed and dozens wounded the airport has been shut down for more than a month and made clashes between is remiss and the government funded the in-town militia. a new series of
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israeli airstrikes has brought the death toll of palestinians killed since the beginning of israel's assault on the gaza strip to over two thousand one hundred at least twenty two people including eleven children were wounded after israeli aircraft fired two missiles as a twelve story apartment building this followed several airstrikes on gaza which killed at least eight people and injured more than thirty one of the missiles hit a house before dawn playing in the lives of five members of the same family. elsewhere three people have been seriously injured during a protest in the swedish city of malmo after man two police moved in to separate rival sides police horses trampled on several people while one was injured after being hit by a band demonstrators gathered in order to protest an election rally by far right group the party of swedes before the country's parliamentary set to take place on september the fourteenth they were confronted by a county demonstration held by their opponents nine people have been arrested.
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in which has been hit by the epidemic has passed a law imposing prison terms of up to two years for those who try to hide people infected with the virus the current outbreak has forced the nation to take see. measures in order to get residents to cooperate fully with government officials as they combat it spread the new war it's now awaiting full presidential approval almost fifteen hundred deaths have already been recorded in the outbreak which has hit several west african nations. and the aviation industry has been put on red alert. volcano part of the country's airspace is being closed as the volcano is expected to speak. of the nation's airports currently operating is no although back in two thousand and ten if you remember the eruption of another volcano in iceland course huge disruptions to european flights. to the
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break we take a closer look at the child vaccine debate in the u.s. and for the u.k. viewers it is being bussed with every night. trust me i like video games you could tell from my physique but they like all media can distort reality in the minds of kids and once was journalist it's something very unusual to step his kids back into the real world journalist karl magnus helgerson son seemed almost addicted to the legendary military first person shooter game call of duty so since they like killing people online with guns he decided to take them to the gaza strip to show them what war is all about mr helder brought his boys to a refugee camp where they could see injured kids just like themselves getting their wounds to stop they got to see all the blood and tears apparently this in your face method of parenting works and his children have stopped their on line war this
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strategy might sound a little extreme and all very expensive i can't afford to fly my family to israel to prove a point but sometimes we're all the to be smacked in the face with reality as a man there's something attractive about roman conquests our ranks of musket fire and a pulley on a conflict those images are nice but the reality is blood. and if more kids could have the same experience as a helper and family well we might have less war mongers around but that's just my opinion. the right robots this is the problem we all face the machines are taking over his blog post on machines where the buck stops and machine companies stocks in the fall from companies to help software companies run by robots that are out there driving self robotic cars to work to get their software to drive their own stock price or to get the stockholders to pay themselves robot to go down the path to join to get good neighbors but this is the rossley ship.
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and west into india is sanctions against russia and obviously russia retaliated and they say. confrontational rather it goes on and on what do you think about sanctions that isn't a way of solving economy and business hostage to politics is russia did invade east ukraine i mean that i don't think. the west still russia would trade their lives and. you know this is no easy rifle wrong but it. is better than complex. thanks a lot yes. as a baby jordan.


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